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Mediate 2014 Conference



Scottish Mediation Network in collaboration with Strathclyde University have recently revealed details about the Mediate 2014 Conference being held in Glasgow next month.


Mediate 2014 should appeal not only to practising mediators but those who have a relationship with or interest in mediation.  The list of workshops as recently launched includes several members of the Scottish Community Mediation Network, namely:  Gary McCallum and Maire Farren from West Dunbartonshire; Rachel Blow and Elaine Mowat from Edinburgh plus Ian McDonough from the Centre.  Workshops cover both pratice related topics as well as thematic and there will be two keynote speakers across the two days.  

Gary McCallum speaking before next month's conference said "I am looking forward to meeting up with mediators from across the different mediation disciplines.  These events are an opportunity to not just learn from each other but to talk with individuals who you might not otherwise have the opportunity to meet.  I hope for a lively and engaging conference and that people sign up to our workshop on the subject of confidentiality."

The Mediate 2014 Conference is being held in central Glasgow on 8th + 9th September 2014.  Until Friday 15th August there is a group discount available, for further information see attached flyer.

Written by
Robert Lambden


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