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June 2014 Mediation Training 2


Are you interested in learning how to handle conflict positively? Or perhaps you’d like to qualify as a mediator? Maybe you are a manager who wants to help your staff develop better conflict resolution skills. Or maybe you’re involved in a community group you feel could use these skills in the local community, SCMC is one of the most experienced mediation and conflict resolution training providers in the UK. We provide a range of high quality and affordable courses delivered by experienced trainers who are mediators themselves.

Our courses have been accredited under the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework, ILA Scotland, and REHIS. All courses are highly interactive, have clear learning objectives and have been developed over 12 years. We’ve provided training and workshops across Scotland, Northern England and Europe and have worked with virtually all Scottish local authorities, the Legal Services Ombudsman, Rent Assessment Panel, AMC Portugal, European Restorative Justice Forum, Scottish Community Development Centre, Scottish Trade Union Congress and many housing associations, voluntary organisations, commercial organisations and other bodies.

We are happy to discuss your training needs. Click below or contact SCMC to find out more.

Conflict Resolution Training

Basic Mediator Training

CPD for Trained Mediators


Enjoyed the trainer and training more than any other learning for some years. Would highly recommend the course. [Participant, Mediation Skills Course March 2014]

Good course which I really enjoyed. The mediation skills got will enhance my work practice which will be beneficial to the communities I work in. [Participant, Mediation Skills Course November 2013]