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Recent Events: June 2024

Recent Events

Mediation Skills training

June saw Ian and I busy delivering our latest Mediation Skills training course. This Accredited course was held in hybrid format- the first four days being online (Zoom) and the final two days in person at Renfield Centre in Glasgow. 

Before the pandemic we only delivered training in person. With the pandemic outbreak we moved 100% to online delivery. Since this time, feedback from participants has suggested, together with our own experience, that some in person elements of training can be useful. As a result, two courses a year of our mediation skills training are delivered in hybrid format – the next is in August 2024 (see Training events below). 

We appreciate that such a hybrid training model may be viewed as a compromise solution. We believe it recognises both the concerns around online delivery, and often limited resources in being able to travel for all six days of a course. What has been heartening is the experience and feedback from participants since our first online course in July 2020, proving how effective our online training has been.

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Robert Lambden
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