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Mediation Skills (Online version)

Starting on 27 . 08 . 20 to Starting on 11 . 09 . 20

27 & 28 August, 3, 4, 8, 9, 11 September 2020 + assessment dates

Our popular and highly-regarded course that takes participants through the theory and practice of mediation. This course has been revised specifically for delivery online, given the current coronavirus restrictions. It is a standard course for community mediation in Scotland and consists of 22 hours of direct training in nine modules plus a further 20 hours of course work and self-directed study. Participants are assessed and, if successful, receive a certificate.

The course is externally accredited under the national Scottish Credits Qualification Framework together with the Scottish Community Mediation Network. SCMC has been delivering the Mediation Skills course for over 19 years both in the UK and abroad [for more information please read the course descriptor under Mediation Skills]